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Our outcomes-based customer experience solution is a comprehensive programme that drives tangible results in customer-centric change.

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How Do We Create Real & Measurable Change?

By enhancing your customer experience via measurable improvements in known business challenges. We consistently evaluate behavioural change and establish whether it is creating an organisational and financial impact.

CX Strategy

Defining The Vision

Our CX strategy identifies where the need for change or improvement exists through a holistic analysis of internal CX areas. We provide you with the most viable way forward by identifying where the known areas of improvement lie. This establishes where you can fill in the gaps and reach achievable outcomes.

Customer Experience

Customer Lifecycle

Understanding The Points Of Interaction

We audit the customer lifecycle from end to end, mapping out all the points of interaction. This helps identify opportunities that impact and influence customer decisions from their initial interaction, to their first purchase, to their continued engagement.

Key Considerations:

  • The customer interaction stages are clearly identified
  • Desired business outcomes are identified per stage
  • The types of interactions your customers have with your organisation are defined
Customer Experience

Customer Experience Pillars

Creating A Solid Foundation

Clear customer experience pillars are defined as they form the foundation of customer experience. CX pillars also provide a measurement framework to assess whether current initiatives are leading the business towards the overarching CX strategy.

Key Considerations:

  • Are they relevant to the strategy?
  • Are they achievable?
  • Are they measurable?
  • Are they easy to understand and implement?
  • Are they Customer-Centric?

Journey Maps

Exploring & Understanding Specific Touchpoints

Journey maps offer a blueprint of the key interactions that the customer has with your organisation, from their initial contact right through to maintaining a long-term relationship. Journey maps help you understand the holistic needs, highs and lows and overall expectations your customer has, and also help you strategically plan and orchestrate the desired outcome you want for them.

Key Considerations:

  • Are they positioned from the customer’s perspective and not internally-led or process-driven?
  • Are there clear and well-conceived journeys that align with current customer lifecycles?
  • What are the barriers or pain points?
Customer Experience

Operational Environment

Understanding The Internal & External Circumstances

The operational environment has both internal and external circumstances that affect your business. We look at how business processes function and if they are suitable to delivering a customer-centric output, as well as what changes need to be made to make it customer-centric.

Key Considerations:

  • To what extent do any of the external factors impact the business?
  • Are processes considered to be streamlined?
  • Are staff clear of their roles within the business?
  • Is management providing the right level of direction and feedback for team members?
  • Is the business meeting its objectives?
Customer Experience

Customer Strategy

Onboarding & Retaining Customers

A customer strategy is the plan that gets put in place to identify, onboard and retain customers. It is developed per customer type and aims to increase your revenue by helping you better understand, anticipate and respond to customers’ needs, behaviours and values.

Key Considerations:

  • What do your customers truly want? Identifying the human truth.
  • What is the desired customer experience?
  • Does the customer strategy align with your business objectives?
  • Is the customer strategy realistic and achievable?
  • What change has already happened within the business to achieve this customer strategy?
Customer Experience

Customer Promise

Putting The Customer First

A customer promise is your brand DNA. It connects the purpose of the organisation to its positioning, strategy, people and customers, while differentiating you from your competitors. By understanding your brand and what it communicates, we can determine whether or not it is delivering on the promise made to the customer.

Key Considerations:

  • Does it align with the customer strategy?
  • Is the customer promise true to what customers actually want?
  • To what extent are internal processes and policies actioning to this promise?
  • What kind of measurement strategies are in place?
  • Is the customer promise a competitive differentiator?
  • Where is the promise being communicated to customers?

CX Programme Planning

Project Prioritisation Against CX Outcomes

CX programme planning allows us to narrow down problem areas and pinpoint what needs to be done by prioritising current projects against CX outcomes. This helps establish where intervention is needed. A CX change programme is then created and filtered into new or existing key projects.

Customer Experience

Intervention Priorities

Prioritising projects With The Most Impact

We create a complete directory of all current and future-planned initiatives and place a level of priority on them. Doing this allows the business to focus on projects that are believed to create the most impact from a customer experience perspective.

Key Considerations: 

  • Business Strategy
  • Customer Strategy
  • Time To Implement
  • Resource Requirements
  • Budget


Customer Experience

Road Map

Creating a Map For Success

The road map is aligned to journey maps, business and customer strategy, to make sure you effect the desired change within the organisation. Once the required operational changes are grouped and prioritised, they are placed into seven key categories.

  1. Human Capital
  2. Process & Policy
  3. Touch-point Design
  4. Technology
  5. Experience Toolkits
  6. Marketing & Communications
  7. End-product
Customer Experience

Quick Wins

Visible & Immediate Benefit

Quick wins are the identification of “quick-start” projects for customer experience improvement in the short term. These are changes that need to happen quickly to prevent customers losing interest in what you have to offer.

CX Programme Implementation

Execution Of Projects To Achieve The Customer Experience Vision

Having a strategy will not produce anything of value, unless it is implemented properly. To ensure CX outcomes-based success, we implement a recurring process that consistently measures projects against customer-centricity and business enablement. The implementation process is dynamic, and changes according to your needs through a continuous evaluation of CX projects within your business.

Customer Experience


Alignment With The Rest Of The Business

  • CX Strategy Critique
  • Programme Critique
  • Project Critique
  • Alignment and Institutionalisation
Customer Experience

CX Design

Crafting Experience Into Reality

  • Experience Design
  • CX Guidelines
  • Expert Reviews & Recommendations
  • Employee Enablement
  • Customer Advocacy
Customer Experience

Lens of Customer

Involving The Customer In The Process Through Feedback

  • Requirements Sense Check
  • Design Refinement
  • Barriers or Pain Points
  • Impact Assessment

Measurement Strategy

Intended CX Outcomes

To assess the impact of the planning and implementation processes, we organise the CX outcomes and measure them against the business objectives. Understanding how we measure the change implemented as well as what it is, is critical to the success of the overall CX strategy.

Customer Experience

Voice Of Customer

Understanding The Customer Perespective

Voice of the customer is measured to effectively understand the true customer perspective in terms of:

  • What the customer requirements are
  • Communication from a common language that customers understand
  • The needs and wants of the customer


Customer Experience

Voice Of Employee

Understanding The Employee Persepctive

The Voice of the Employee is used to effectively understand current employee engagement measures by looking at the levels of staff motivation, involvement and productivity in terms of:

  • Organisational Culture
  • Process and Policy
  • Internal Support Structures
  • Management Systems


Customer Experience

Financial Metrics

Connecting Finances With Experience

Correlating client experience measures with financial measures is essential in order to assess the relationship between these two variables. This looks at:

  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Overhead Expenses
  • Labour Costs
  • Asset Ratio


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Internal Metrics

Measuring Behaviour, Activity and Performance

Internal performance metrics are accurate, provide real-time feedback on client experience delivery problems, and are freely available. These include:

  • Call Centre Management Data
  • CRM and Work Flow Process Performance Data
  • Backend Product System Data


Customer Experience agency south africa

Quality Assurance Audits

Making Sure You Deliver The Best

Our quality assurance audits measure and assess the customer journey and overall experience associated with a product or service. We look at two main categories, client interaction audits (e.g. auditing recorded calls) and process adherence audits (e.g. document trail audits). These outputs can then be used as part of a client experience measurement programme.

3 Ways to amp up the customer experience/CX

The customer experience/CX is the most exciting area of opportunity for any business. It’s multifaceted and evolving with enormous benefits. Excellent customer experience delivery shakes up the status quo and flattens customer fallout which obviously leads to higher turnover and profit.

It’s long been proven that a happy customer is prepared to pay more for a service or product; and loyal customers are born from positive experiences. It goes without saying that it’s vitally important that customer interaction at each touchpoint in the customer experience journey is on point.

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Customer experience strategy… why it’s so important?

CX is your secret weapon. Businesses are facing an onslaught of customer-centric technologies and apps which put customers in the driving seat. If they wanted your product or service yesterday; now they want it the day before yesterday with bells and whistles on it.

As one of the leading Customer Experience agencies in South Africa, we have the reputations as being the go-to CX consultants for CX analysis. 

Quite simply, the new-age customer is spoilt for choice because technology has stripped away boundaries and limitations. Loyalty is at a premium and everyone and everything has a price.

In the old days, you developed and marketed a good brand and moulded the customer experience around it. That approach has been flipped on its head and the customer experience to a large extent now dictates the design and delivery of products and services.

Customer experience delivery has to be consistent across all selling platforms and there’s a whole lot more to deliver off than there was a decade ago. The customer is interacting with you simultaneously across a multitude of platforms and via an array of apps.

The new-age customer is abandoning traditional brands for innovative and dynamic customer experiences. They’re tech-savvy and demand instant, personalised, secure and often entertaining experiences. Reliable and trustworthy must now marry with dynamic and fascinating or else it’s plain boring for the new generation of customers.

What choice do you have?

None! Quite simply, the customer is indeed King or Queen and if you’re delivering a weak customer experience; you’re going to have to reinvent yourself or you’ll soon close your doors.

Where before products and services were the springboard for the total customer experience; now the customers themselves dictate the customer experience. Technology has created a dynamic environment where the customer knows you as intimately as you think you know them. They’re appraising your every move and deciding for themselves if your product or service is worth the physical and/or emotional effort.

Data is the rocket fuel driving customer experience management and implementation. The trick is to use the myriad of technology innovations and the data it generates in the most intelligent manner so it filters outwards to the customer and downwards to your employees. You need to drive the customer experience solution with everything you have at your disposal or else you’ll see your customer disengaging and driving away.

How to reinvent the customer experience

If you’re finding CX a challenge and worried about customer experience implementation; here are 3 areas you need to focus on to re-gear your CX strategy. We’re talking the whole customer experience and not isolated pockets of customer service. It’s from the first moment they connect with you until the very end when they disengage, happily or unhappily.

1. Visualise the total customer experience/ CX

Refocus on what values underpin your CX strategy and then visualise those elements implemented across every facet of the customer experience. It might be speed and reliability, peace-of-mind and empathy or innovation and excitement.

Dissect the whole customer experience journey and at each touchpoint in the service chain, ask yourself… “did my customer experience those value moments at that point?”

Every person in the company that interacts with your customers at any point along the customer experience journey needs to know what values to embed into the CX experience. It should be a CX symphony that flows smoothly and without jarring moments from the beginning to the end.

Did you know?

You can digitally capture customer insight and craft CX solutions by creating customer experience journey maps using an innovative customer experience programme.”

2. Get into the head and heart space

You don’t have the luxury of choosing the values that underpin your customer experience. That comes directly from your customers now. If you think slow and steady wins the race but your customer wants it fast and furious; you’re going to have to shift up a gear before your competition does.

Your CX strategy will be successful if you can visualise your customer and know exactly what makes them tick and what ticks them off. You should be so in tune with your customer that you can see them, hear them and almost touch them in your imagination.

If you can nail this as part of your customer experience planning, what follows is a blueprint of the emotional wiring of your customers.

Imagine two doctors walking into your business. As far as they look, how they speak and what they need; they’re close to identical. However, one prefers their customer experience to be dished up with syrupy sweet attention while the other wants it as brisk, efficient and as impersonal as you could possibly make it. You can’t be all things to all people which is why targeting is so important.

Customers who make a proper emotional connection with your brand are more likely to be fiercely loyal, recommend your product or service, pay more for it and not shop around. There’s enough literature online to back that up but it’s pretty obvious if you think about how you relate to a customer-centric service solution.

3. Measure yourself

In this day and age of innovative apps, you can get feedback from your customers almost instantly. Think how often you’ve walked out of a shop and almost immediately received a message on your phone asking you to rate the customer experience.

Technology makes it possible to link a good, bad or ugly customer experience to a specific location and/or person. Gone are the days of delayed feedback through laborious market research surveys. It’s instantaneous and you’d be a fool not to take advantage of the technological tools at your disposal.

And don’t forget to capture feedback from internal sources. This includes anyone interacting with your customer along the full gambit of the CX journey; from your sales team and customer service department to your delivery guy and truck drivers.

“Did you know?

You an use CX management software and social media tools to create an instant response environment that continuously loops feedback to relevant departments.”

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