Educating teams in wellness is a powerful step to helping them realise their full potential.

With stress often overwhelming most of us, it is key to optimise and re-balance through nutrition and increasing our stress resilience. Ryre has helped many companies and organisations achieve awareness in this area.

With so many mixed messages out there and such a need for nutrition understanding, Ryre takes complicated science and translates this into practical, manageable, and SUSTAINABLE nutrition and lifestyle interventions to drive performance.


Stress Resilience

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“I reached out to Ryre, being an expert in her field, to inspire change amongst our team. We are a team of tech gurus, always struggling to keep our motivation up, as well as manage incredibly stressful clients and projects. Ryre targeted her education session and dove deep to understand her audience. She inspired us all to reflect and make small changes in our diets and lifestyles to better manage our moods and energy, and the team continues to share learnings from her today. Baby steps with big differences!”

Kelly Stander, Head of People, Glucode



“Big thanks to Ryre Cornish, an insightful WebEx during such challenging times, encouraging us to take control of our eating habits and maximise brain function.”

Leah Kalisky, Co-Chair Mental Health at Marsh UK



“Thank you MNC for partaking in our Mental Health Awareness week, empowering our employees to enhance their body and mind performance. The diet and stress resilience workshops provided employees with an understanding of WHY certain lifestyle and dietary choices support cognitive performance, mental health and stress resilience, as well as practical take aways on HOW to implement these healthy choices a daily basis. The workshops were informative yet interactive, providing employees with up to date evidenced based content as well as practical implementation to ensure sustainability for the organisation. The one-one consultations were an excellent tool for knowledge feedback sessions for employees to address primary concerns in the health space. We look forward to future workshops with MNC”

Morgan Sindall Investments

Ryre Lee Cornish

Registered Nutritional Therapist
M.Sc Nutritional Therapy
B.Sc (Hons) Psych
mBANT CNHC Registered

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