Using nutrition science and lifestyle medicine to optimise your wellbeing, enhancing mind and body performance.



Using scientific testing methods to inform personalised nutrition and lifestyle interventions, understanding the root cause of physiological imbalances beyond your symptoms or diagnosis.

Optimise your performance with Move Nourish Change’s 3M Approach


Enhance mental performance by understanding nutrient deficiencies, physiological imbalances, and lifestyle considerations that contribute to depression, anxiety, insomnia, poor cognitive function, or learning difficulties.


Exploring the microbiome to optimise a healthy diverse ecosystem – from the oral cavity to the gut to the vagina. Supporting digestion and assimilation of nutrients, preventing pathogens or toxins from residing, enhancing immunity, and strengthening the gut-brain axis.




Nourish your nervous system, balance your hormones, improve energy, and enhance your resilience. 

How does MNC enhance body and mind performance. Watch the video below.

The systems in our bodies are interconnected. At MNC, Ryre Cornish takes a holistic approach, looking at these systems in relation to one another. Using a comprehensive health history mark up and functional testing, you’ll discover what nutrition and lifestyle strategies work for you.

Meet Ryre Cornish

With a Masters in Nutritional Therapy and an undergraduate honour’s degree in Psychology, Organisational Psychology and Biochemistry, I aim to empower, educate, and inspire individuals using nutrition science, lifestyle medicine and functional testing to optimise wellbeing.

Whether I am working with individuals in my clinic, running group programmes online, or speaking at various events I am passionate about exploring the connection between mental health, gut health and hormonal imbalances impacting our overall resilience and influencing our performance in ALL areas of our lives.

A registered Nutritional Therapist, accredited with BANT – British Association of Nutritional Therapy – and a member of the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Counsel), my training and experience in the education, corporate and healthcare sectors enables me to empower and educate individuals using contemporary nutritional science.



“This process and what we have discovered about my health has changed my life. I feel energised, cleansed, healthier, and have started remembering my former self that I had completely forgotten. My waist has got smaller and my body is totally changing. A lot of the healthy things I was eating, thinking I was being so virtuous, were actually not doing my body any good. Without the tests, I would never have known! I encourage everyone to invest in this process to set a new course for a life lived in better health. Empower yourself with the knowledge of what your body is needing and responding to, and then let Ryre help you address it with all the energy you have – and trust me, you’ll have loads.”

Lisa Lamberti, Director, The Pilates Clinic



“Ryre is the second nutritionist I have seen and I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough. In contrast to what I experienced before and what I expected, Ry takes a very holistic and personal approach. She explains everything clearly and it continues to amaze me how everything affects our bodies and how important nutrition is. Beyond nutrition, Ry also advises on lifestyle and exercise choices. She is a warm and incredibly supportive and encouraging therapist. I wish I had found her years ago.”

B Bohm, Medical Policy Standards Director



“I came to MNC to optimise my health as opposed to being ‘unwell’. My priorities were supporting energy levels, stress resilience and cognitive performance. MNC recommended the gut restore programme to optimise my nutrient intakes to support these health goals. My digestive function hasn’t been good for some time and I had been experiencing bloating, stomach cramps and pains and heartburn, and I have always struggled with high triglycerides as high as 4.96. After completing the gut restore programme I am free of my digestive led problems and my triglycerides have reduced dramatically to 1.9. Over the programme my cholesterol has also fallen significantly. Thanks MNC for your personalised approach, getting to the root cause and optimising my performance in many areas of my life. I can’t recommend MNC highly enough!”

N Armstrong, Head of Commercial Management, Quilter



“MNC was instrumental in helping me transition from amateur to professional triathlete. I have learnt that no amount of training will improve your times if your nutrition is limiting you. The benefits of knowing exactly what my body needs (and everyone has different needs) has massively improved my performance, my health and my day to day energy levels. I would quite simply be lost without their support.”

Parys Edwards, Professional Triathlete

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Ryre Lee Cornish

Registered Nutritional Therapist
M.Sc Nutritional Therapy
B.Sc (Hons) Psych
mBANT CNHC Registered

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