There’s a Science To Creating Customer Experience Magic

Delivering a consistent and engaging customer experience isn’t easy, which is why we’ve developed a formula that delivers the following:

  • Quantifies the customer experience

  • Creates real organisational change

  • Drives value for business and customers

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Working as part of a remote workforce brings many challenges. Running effective workshops is one of these. Are you finding that it’s difficult to keep your colleagues engaged and giving you the value you need?  We can help.

Our Magic Formula

market research company in South Africa

A Powerful Trifecta

CX  I  UX  I  Market Research

Science, in essence, is about systematic study, observation and experiment. And for 15 years, the focus of our studies has been customer experience. During that time, we have developed a formula that leverages CX, UX and market research, to not only exceed customer expectations but also anticipate them. This is the sweet spot where real customer experience magic happens and relationships are forged.

Customer Experience

Outcomes Based CX

  • Strategy

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Measurement

User Experience

Evidence Backed Design

  • Evaluations

  • UX Strategy

  • UX & UI Design

  • Resourcing

Market Research

Insight Driven Decisions

  • Qualitative

  • Quantitative

  • Measurement

  • Competitor

Our Clients

We’ve Helped Create Better Customer Experiences For

” My experience working with Interact has been overwhelmingly positive. They are efficient, meet timelines and produce quality research outputs and facilitate great insights from user testing. They are also willing to adjust their ways of working to accommodate specific requirements from myself or my team. They are also well priced when you compare them with competing companies, specifically for moderated usability testing.”
“Interact RDT have partnered with Santam for a number of years across insights and digital. They have successfully completed a number of UX and UX related projects for my team over the last 3 years and assisted us in driving a more client-centric approach to digital development.”
“Working with Interact proved to be a good experience: the team was very professional throughout all interactions, managed the projects well and provide valuable inputs to address our challenge. We are pleased with the team’s approach and good work which successfully supported our project. “
“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Janette and her team, who often provides regular updates and insights gathered from their experience on the field in our projects. Recommendations for improvements are shared and programme management changes are discussed at length based on findings.”
“We have worked with Interact RDT for a number of years and they have an in-depth knowledge of our business through this long engagement. Their attention to detail as well as providing us with wide-ranging services; from usability assessments, focus groups, usability research projects as such the Self Service landscape review; has been very useful.”
“The team’s professionalism, work ethic and expertise in the research industry have made Interact RDT one of our preferred service providers in generating client and consumer insights in Retail Investments and Online User Experience (UX). It is indeed a privilege and pleasure to partner with the team at Interact RDT.”
“Interact delivered exceptional service in enabling us to launch a new consumer credit status solution to the Kenyan market. When we engaged with Dave and his team we had minimal time to execute against considerable deliverables however the team were highly enthusiastic and professional ensuring on-time delivery of the campaign.”

One of the leading market research companies in South Africa*

The changing face of market research

We’re seeing the Phoenix rising and that’s data-savvy, tech-driven and customer-infatuated high-growth businesses. The buzzword for this new generation of companies is “insight-driven businesses”, coined by Forrester. And they’re set to steal trillions in market share before the end of this decade.

It’s not difficult to tap the throttle on the insight-driven business philosophy in this day and age of technology. All you need to do is interact more intimately at vital touchpoints in the customer experience journey; using technology to do it more quickly and efficiently than your competitors.

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Let’s be honest, when it comes to market research; the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Big changes in technology have transformed the research landscape but we’re still grappling with the same old problem… and that’s leveraging the flood of data and re-directing it so it’s infused into the business and has deeper, more meaningful impact. 

The customer experience beats to its own drum

You can put a face and a persona to your target market but it’s becoming more difficult to overlay it with the desired customer experience; only because that experience might not have been created yet. Your target market’s future isn’t static; it’s mercurial.

Customers are showing signs of abandoning big brands that traditionally dominated the market in favour of novel and exciting customer experiences. They’re making their own decisions because they’re tech-savvy and better informed and don’t need the safety net that a legacy brand offers.

Some of the most in-demand brands were birthed on the web and haven’t seen the inside of a bricks-and-mortar store. The great divide between traditional and budding online brands is narrowing by the day as customers take back control of their buying behaviour and insight-driven emerging brands push back.

Insight is your secret weapon – #1 Market Research Company in South Africa 

The time is ripe to become an insight-driven organisation. It’s the silver bullet that’s giving emerging power brands the competitive edge. If you can turn the analysis around from being descriptive to predictive and prescriptive; then you’re not only going to win the battle, you may very well win the war.

Data gathering is designed traditionally to tell us what happened and we overlay it with behaviour research to explain why it happened. When data helps us look into the future and tells us what could happen (predictive) or it helps us manipulate it into happening (prescriptive), we have a powerful advantage over our competitors.

Data everywhere but what to do with it?

Like the shipwrecked sailor on a life raft, “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.” That’s pretty much what data overload is like.

We’re drowning in data but it’s not always data we can completely trust. Technology has created new routes we can take to uncover insight but it’s also created pitfalls we can drop into if we’re not careful. One good thing is technology is making it easier and cheaper to analyse data and disseminate it in the organisation.

Disruptive innovation shaking things up

Social media is transforming the market research playing field and it’s very exciting for data collectors. It’s certainly made it easier for market researchers to get those valuable nuggets of information. Data feeds from social media are generally unfiltered and lack bias because it’s real time and real life.

The trick with social media is to learn to master the platform. You’ve need to be a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn data mining guru to squeeze the value out of them.

Regardless of how social media is shaking things up, survey research is not dying or dead. We’ll always have to ask the right questions to learn more about our customers. What we’re seeing is a shift in how we collect it; from an active to a more passive approach using advanced market research software. This approach has made as the go-to market research company in South Africa. 

AI driving the learning machine

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already found its way onto the market research highway. What it promises is a means of doing market research faster and cheaper than before. It promises to transform the way research is done; from questionnaire development and field management to data analysis and knowledge sharing.

Data mining is exciting and definitely where AI holds its own. Complex analytics software can ferret insights out of data that’s already been collected. It also allows us to integrate multiple intelligence platforms; producing rich data banks for marketers.

Automation is another a game changer. The pressure to deliver faster, cheaper and better research can only be addressed by automating the research process.

Reporting goes virtual reality

Probably the most welcome change in the market research analysis is how it’s reported; it’s gone virtual reality where we can experience our customers in a far more intimate manner. Those days of endless overhead slides with bar and pie charts are almost, although not completely, over.

Reporting on insights is more insightful, almost like storytelling. It’s become more visual and interactive and obviously more engaging. Digital platforms make research findings more accessible across the business where a sense of the customer can be infused at a deeper level.


What’s stayed the same in market research is the basic principle that quality data produces better information for better decision-making. Market research best practices are as sound today as they were yesterday and technology and AI can’t be allowed to undermine them.

Respondent privacy is as important today as it’s always been, possibly even more as the general public becomes better informed on how data is collected and used.

Innovation has been disruptive and there’s been interesting shifts in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies but there’s no denying it; the need for good market research is stronger than ever.

If you’re on a mission to be an insight-driven company with a healthy obsession with your customer, you need market research. It keeps you relevant and keeps your target customer at the forefront of your operations. Insight is the silver bullet you need in your arsenal if you plan to be around for a long time.

Interact – South Africa’s leading market research company and consultancy. For the best in market research. Read our top reviews from past clients. 

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